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Some useful vitamins that lower blood sugar — AllAbout dot CF

Certain vitamins and minerals have been found beneficial in lowering blood sugar and thus useful in the treatment of diabetes. Vitamin B complex – Vitamins of the B group are valuable in the treatment of diabetes. Despite and adequate intake of these vitamins, diabetics often have abnormally small amounts of vitamin B in their blood… Some … Continue reading “Some useful vitamins that lower blood sugar — AllAbout dot CF”


Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh was born on 2 Dec,1981 in  HOLY DISTRICT PRAYAGRAJ. He is an alumnus of GSVM Medical College Kanpur and MLN Medical College Allahabad. He worked for 8 years in the Uttar Pradesh Provincial services as Medical Officer. He offered his services at various place like Community Health Center, Police Hospital, and Jail Hospital. He is a social thinker and writer. He is always ready to deliver his services to the needy person and patient. He works with the motto of making the healthy and happy society.